Friday, May 6, 2016

Manifesting Journey Part 6

Manifesting Journey Part 6 

Good morning. Another New Moon is here. Time to write out new manifest list. I prefer to burn my list on the New Moon while some people like to save them to review them on the Next Moon and see what they have accomplished.

Since the last post I knocked more things off my secret manifest board on Pinterest. I have been redecorating the house a bit. Last month I decided to shift my focus to myself. I have been working out and eating better. I have lost a couple pounds but now that my stamina is built up, I am ready to step up my routine and do more. I do have a few items like heavier weights and jump rope on my manifest list, so hopefully things work out and I will be able to get those soon. I am still keeping containers of fruit in my fridge just like in my first manifest post. 

I have added another thing to keep me motivated and positive and that is Mirror Work. I recently bought a book about it by Louise Hay. I have a small jeweled hand mirror that I picked up at Pier1 a while back. I keep next to my spot on the couch and a couple times throughout the day I will pick it up and use it to say positive things to myself and also do my affirmations. I tell myself that I love myself and that I am grateful and I am open to receiving miracles and prosperity. I tell myself that I deserve to be happy and healthy. I say other positive things to myself. I do this at least 5 mins 2 -3 times a day. 

I have lots of things I do and techniques I use from books I have read. I add new things all the time as I come across them. It keeps things fresh and keeps it from feeling to routine and stale. I have days when I fall off track but the important thing is that I don't give up. I just pick right back up where I left off no matter how many days go by. I don't beat myself up if I don't workout or eat bad or don't do my affirmations. We are human and we get busy with life. The best thing is to acknowledge it and know it is ok and to keep going. So even if it as been a while for you since you said a positive affirmation or made a manifest list or crossed something off it. It doesn't matter. You can start back up anytime you want. :) 

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