Thursday, March 10, 2016

Manifesting Journey Part 5

                                                        Manifesting Journey Part 5

Hello again. I am glad to say that my manifesting journey has been going great. The more I manifest, the more I add to my list of goals and the faster things come to me! I also constantly am expressing my gratitude to things I have and receive.

I use positive affirmations to express that it is safe for my money grow and that the Universe is abundant and there is enough for everyone. I am so happy with how my shop and studio is growing. I never thought I would be able to offer so many nice and beautiful things that I love to others. I just love my customers and all their wonderful feedback. I love hearing how much they appreciate my efforts, my unique packaging, and fast shipping.

My newest goals have to been to continue to grow my monthly income and keep it at a steady pace. I also have been Spring cleaning to clear out any old stale energy. I have rearranged things, thrown things out, dusted and then I smudged the whole house afterwards. I also had on my manifest list, new things like socks and pajamas. My stuff was getting old and worn, and I was able to get new items so I cleaned out my drawers to make room for the new. Out with the old and in with the new is the theme I am working on right now.

Another goal I reached was opening a savings account. I had wanted to do this for a long time. I used some money I received for my upcoming birthday. I actually had planned to buy myself a new and better coffee pot. It also is on my manifest list. I had searched for one I liked and I put it in my Wal-Mart cart. It was on sale for $45. So when I got $50 for my birthday I thought it was a sign to get the coffee pot, but when I went to my cart, it was gone. It said it was out of stock so I clicked on the link and what happened was the sale ended and now the coffee pot was back up to $80. So I said well this is a sign I wasn't meant to spend the money on that right now. So I thought for a minute and decided I should take this opportunity to finally open a savings account. I actually was able to do it online last night. It was an extremely rewarding feeling.

I also believe saving and sharing both helps to bring us more. We are expressing the energy of caring for our money and also caring about helping others. I have bought items from a few friends recently to help them out. It feels good to support my friends and their work as well.

This past New Moon we had on the 8th I also wrote a list and burned it outside. At the top I wrote something like "I intend to manifest these things on my list right now" I listed things I wanted. At the bottom I added So Mote it be, Amen, Thank You. Just a variety of ways to say so shall it be and thank you. I then took my list outside and folded it up and I burned in my large abalone shell. I do this as a symbol of letting go of my attachment and i'm letting the smoke and my desires drift up to the Universe and allowing it to do its work. I can say that the more I manifest and the more I share and express my gratitude for all my blessings, the faster more has come into my life.

Today my plans are to run a few errands and take a book and treat myself to lunch at Applebee's. Weight loss is also on my list. I want to be healthier. I know the sandwich I want is not going to help with that but treating myself to things I like and spending some time out of the house and reading benefits me on a mental an spiritual level which keeps me happy and motivated. I am off now to get ready. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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