Saturday, February 27, 2016

Manifesting Journey Part 4

Manifesting Journey Part 4 

It has been a while since I have wrote about the journey. I had to have surgery in August so things got set back for a little bit. They got back on track though. So much from my dream vision has manifested that I don't even know where to start!

Well I wanted a boxing bag to add to my workout routine. I looked them up and then asked my husband if any of his customers had one and to ask if they still use it. Sure enough a week later, he came home with one for free! I also wanted to upgrade my shops supplies and items. I wanted to expand to more items. I have worked on new pictures and backgrounds. My shop is growing nicely. I even expanded to having my own website to sell from this month as well. I am currently working on it and getting things listed. You can even check it out here: Bohemian Zen Boutique

I also recently manifested little things like the matching stool to my purple chair. Getting more organized in my studio. I rearranged and now have a shipping table like I wanted where I can package items up nicely. I am buying my shipping supplies in bulk so that I have less to worry about. All my shipping boxes got organized yesterday under the table. I even have nice jewelry boxes for more fragile jewelry items that need extra care. I have new shelves and basket to get my stuff off the floor. My dream studio is starting to take better shape. I also just purchased my very first laptop for my shop. I have been adding my shop photos, and editing program. So now I can work from anywhere and not just from desk. Which is great right now since I am sick and on breathing treatments and medicine.

I keep my vision going, trying to visualize it everyday if possible. I stay positive about it. I believe it will happen and again by taking my own steps to bring the little pieces into reality, I am sending a message to the Universe that I really mean it and want it. I don't just wish for it and wait. I am active in searching out the little things and the Universe helps with the big things and making it possible for to afford or find the things I want. I even have been manifesting more sales and it really has been working.

My steps are again, I start out daydreaming about the life I want. Not knowing what exactly you want it ok. I start with daydreaming about waking up in the morning. Beginning with picturing what my dream bedroom looks like, what does the bed look like, the room, if there is a master bathroom, closet, etc. I even picture what I am wearing and what I look like when I wake up. I really want to feel it. I kind of let my mind wander and let my day dream take shape from there. You know what you want, sometimes you just have to let go and let your mind lead you there. My daydream expands to me going into my kitchen, I picture all the appliances that I really want, making coffee, etc. I just keep picturing details, what my living room would look like, and walking down the hall to my studio and what it looks like and getting on my laptop to fill orders with my coffee and getting my day started. Surprising I don't actually picture some big fancy huge house like most people think their dream house would look like. My subconscious is filling it in and knows what my needs and wants are. I just feel very happy and at home in my daydream. I feel good and refreshed after I finish. I feel pumped up and ready to make this happen. With each small piece and step I get even more motivated and pumped. I firmly believe that a real effort no matter how small really shows the Universe that you are serious about your dreams and goals and then the law of attraction starts to really work in full force with your intentions.