Saturday, June 6, 2015

Manifesting Journey Part 2

Manifesting Journey Part 2 

Hello again. Last time I explained a bit of my process for manifesting. I also shared two things that I had bought and implemented into my life that was a part of my manifestation and brought it into reality. You can see my post here: Manifesting Journey Part 1 Today I am sharing with you a few more things that I have gotten that are a part of that visualization. Well part of the "dream life" I want, was a papasan chair. I had always wanted one. Perfect for meditating and reading in. Well Pier 1 recently had a sale and I also had a coupon for extra 10% off. So my husband drove me there and I used my Pier 1 rewards card. They even had a beautiful purple cushion to match my hair! I was so excited because I always visualized having this chair in my studio and that is where it currently is. (the picture was from my living room) I also found a great colorful candle holder there to match the bohemian decor I pictured in my dream home. 

So here we are again. Bit by bit, piece by piece, I am bringing that daydream into a reality. Tomorrow I will be adding yet another piece. I will be purchasing a large desk calender to write on. When I picture my dream studio, I have a nice desk with laptop and big desk calender. I do not have the laptop yet but baby steps. These are not my biggest goals I am manifesting by any means. My point to this is to show that the little things count too. Bringing the little things into my life helps me stay motivated and positive about what I want in life and helps me see progress and not to get disappointed by feeling like it is never going to happen. We often give up or feel defeated when we don't see our dreams coming true. My overall dream is to have a successful business that supports me and my family fully. The daydream is what makes it feel real now. When we daydream or manifest we see it in our mind and we feel good. Everyone has their own vision. I like to vision myself as already being successful and what my life would be like then. The little details along that vision is what I am bringing to life. I have 4 things now and soon to be 5 from that vision that are now real. They are in my life now. This makes me feel wonderful to see that and it also makes me more optimistic about my goals. I feel more like that my dream can and will become a reality.

If the big dream seems to far away from you. Take time out to sit and vision what your life would be like once you achieve that goal. Feel how happy you are, visualize the details of your life and start picking small things from those details out and try to bring those into reality. You will feel more motivated when you do. 

My new chair

My Colorful Candle Holder 

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  1. Fantastic! What a great Idea...I will begin today. Thanks! :)