Sunday, June 14, 2015

Manifesting Journey Part 3

I have taken another step in my journey this past week. The last 2 times I picked physical items out from my dream vision. I picked out things that I saw myself wearing, sitting on, things in the room. I did get the big desk calendar I said I would by the way. My shop has been unusually slow and sales have been bad which has stressed me out because I have bills to pay. I can't list new stuff right now because it raises my bill to Etsy. So since I can not work on my shop until things pick back up I decided to shift my focus to myself. How do I want to be in that future that I am manifesting. When I am visualizing the future I want, I have now started to pay more attention to how I see myself. I notice in my daydream I am much more confident, standing and walking with more upright posture, with a purpose. I think about the way I feel and how I feel I look. My choice of clothes, my hair, etc.

So I decided one way to help with the clothes part was to go through my closet and drawers and throw out all the old clothes that are just not "me". The ones taking up space that I hold onto for no other reason than it fits. If I did not feel it was 100% me then it got tossed. Clearing out that old stale energy from my room. I got rid of 2 trash bags full of stuff that just wasn't my style or apart of that future me I envisioned. I still need to go back through and do a second sweep to things I was not sure about. I got rid of shoes, bags, belts, scarves, clothes, etc.

The next thing on my list was my hair. It was getting too long and I decided to trim it myself. I have short hair and years of cutting my family's hair has made it easier to shave my own hair. I cut the sides and back, leaving my top long and angled. My hair is black and purple too, which is very I started working out more because being healthy is an important part of my vision. I also ordered some makeup that I always wanted. I have been more conscious of my posture and correct myself very quickly when I start to slump again. My confidence has already started growing.

The changes again like before are incredibly small but they are still changes. The small things build up and are just as important. All the little things have motivated me 10x more than ever before when working towards life goals. I just keep looking for little things that I can do here and now. Plus the small steps keep me from getting discouraged about sales being slow. Because I want my shop to grow and be successful and pay the bills. That is what I envision. Working on amazing creative things and increased sales allowing me to provide for my family. So while it may be slow right now, I know that I am still manifesting and still bringing things from my dream into reality. I have faith that it will pick up and continue to grow just like I envision.

I also smudged the house with white sage smoke, including my cleared out closet. Clearing out even more stale energy around me. Next week I will be on vacation with my family. I will let go of all the work stress and take a break from my manifesting. I will do nothing but have fun with my family and live in the moment.

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