Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Manifesting Journey Part 1


Manifesting is a popular topic these days. There are lots of books and articles on the subjects with lots of great tips on how to manifest your goals and dreams. Today I just wanted to share a bit about what I personally have been doing. 

When I manifest. I start by either putting on headphones and music with no words or just turning off the T.V.  The headphones are usually what I use when my husband and kids are home, for obvious reasons...lol I get comfortable and close my eyes. I like to go into lots of details because it makes it more real and my mind really gets to just get lost in it. Basically I am just daydreaming with a purpose. I always start off by thinking about waking up in the morning in my dream house by the beach. I picture my bed, what size it is, what it looks like, what my room looks like. I picture how I wake up. I usually picture summer and waking up with no alarm and my kids don't have to get up early. I mean who wants to daydream about rushing to gets kids off to school. lol. I even picture what I am wearing. Usually a t-shirt and some cute spandex like boy shorts. It is warm and sunny. I go to my kitchen and make coffee and then open my fridge. All this time I picturing what my kitchen looks like, what fridge do I want, what my counters look like. I open my fridge and there are containers filled with cut up fruit and I grab one and I go to my studio which is a spare bedroom converted into an amazing space with desk, computer, shelves. Sections for wrapping packages, bead and pottery making, jewelry making, and painting. I sit down at my computer and drink my coffee and eat my fruit while looking up orders that came in over night. 

Now I will stop there. When we manifest we can not just dream about it and then do nothing while we wait for it to come true. We still have to work towards our goals. But taking even baby steps towards these goals make them a reality faster. We will get bummed out and block our goals if nothing is getting done, if we don't see any progress. So I decided to pick small things and go ahead and make them part of my life. Things that I pictured while manifesting the life I want. I started first with buying containers from Dollar Tree like the ones I pictured my fruit in. I started buying a cantaloupe and honey dew every week. I cut it up and separate it into the containers and put it in my fridge. So simple. But every time I grab that fruit I am reminded of my goals and things I want. It makes me want to work towards more and keeps me optimistic. 

My fruit all cut up in my containers.

Today when I went to the store for groceries and more fruit. I stopped at the woman's section and looked at underwear and there they were. The cute spandex boy short underwear just like I pictured waking up in. I grabbed 2 pairs. I was excited because it is one more thing closer to making that daydream a reality. I am setting things in motion and it feels really good. I may not yet have my beach house or the Jeep I want but I am working on it. One step at a time. I am even painting more and working on my studio. Even writing this blog post is just one more thing on my list. Even if no one sees it, I still followed through. The more steps you take, no matter how small, the more you see what you wanted to manifest starting to come to life.

They might not exactly be my goals for my future, fruit and underwear...lol However they are still small steps that make that simple daydream a real one. 

Start today and pick just one thing, even if it is just buying a notebook to write you goals in, or a piece of decor or clothing. You will feel great when you see it come together piece by little piece!  

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