Thursday, October 27, 2016

Heading Into November

Here we are at the end of another year. This year has already been even better than the last. This year I added more unique pieces. I was able to expand my home decor section, bring in beautiful quartz clusters, build up my Christmas section and so much more. 

I am currently working on more home decor pieces right now. I have so many supplies waiting to be used as well for jewelry and car charms, etc. I also have many more ideas that I want to bring to life next year as well. I know with the support and sales from my wonderful customers I will be able to reach my goals. 

I want to share with you now some items I have in stock at the moment. I hope you stop by the shop and check out all the items I have to offer and pick yourself up something special or even grab a gift for a loved one. I have over 600 items in stock and they are all ready to ship! Yes I have over 600 items in my studio at the moment and it does take up a lot of room. :) Hopefully I can move a lot of these lovely items out so I can make room for lots of new pretties!  



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