Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekly Oracle Card Reading 6/23 - 6/29

Weekly Oracle Card Reading 6/23 - 6/29 

Hello and welcome again. This weeks deck is the Angel Therapy deck by Doreen Virtue.

Monday & Tuesday

Release ~ Work with Archangel Michael to let go of what no longer serves you or your purpose.

If you are feeling blocked and wondering about your life purpose this week, this card come to let you know that Archangel Michael is here to help. He surrounds you during this time and will help in releasing anything that may be standing in your way. Just simply ask for his help when you need it. Your Higher self is already tapped into the Universal flow and the answers are already inside you. You simply need to push away the chatter and let go and listen and accept the help being offered to you.

Wednesday & Thursday 

Emotional Sensitivity ~ Honor and respect your deep sensitivity, as it is a gift to us all!

Sometimes we are teased for being too sensitive. rest assured that the angels are letting you know that there are positive qualities within the gift of sensitivity. Such sense may help in feeling out if another is trustworthy. The angels want you trust your intuition and feelings more. If something or someone doesn't feel right then walk away. Don't allow yourself to be surrounded by negativity. Surround yourself and your home with peaceful and loving energies. 

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Goddess ~ Express your Divine feminine energy, embracing its magical intuition and nurturing qualities. 

This car speaks of the need for sacred female energy, which brings gifts such as intuition, nurturing, and artistic expression. You need to spend less time thinking and more time engaging in creative activities. Get up and dance to music, paint, craft, write, or anything else that moves your Spirit! This is not just for women, the Divine feminine energy is in us all. Men too can connect by doing activities that spark there artistic and nurturing side.

Thank you to everyone who stops by to read this. I hope that you enjoyed reading what this week holds for us. 

Love & Light, Amy 

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