Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spirit Sticks

Good morning! I thought I would share some other new creations that have made their way to my shop. Spirit Sticks. I was on the computer playing Bejeweled Blitz and all of a sudden the words "Spirit Sticks" pops in my head and repeats. So that evening when I took my dog on a walk on our local hiking trails I looked around and found a stick that called out to me. I cut it into 3 - 10" pieces and sanded them and began to go to work. The results are the 3 sticks you see first in this post. I sat with each stick to see what called to me. I sealed them and added feathers.

These sticks are not just for decoration but they can also be used in your magical workings. They are also really great as Talking Sticks! The person holding the stick is the only one who can talk or tell their story. When finished the stick is passed to the next person and they can speak. This way everyone gets heard and a turn.


 After working with these sticks I really wanted to make more and try new things with them. The result is the next 3. Again I took my dog on another walk on the trails and collected 3 more sticks. This time I left some longer. I picked some thicker ones and they were perfect for adding beautiful quartz points to the top.

 I thank you for stopping by and taking a look. My Spirit Sticks and other items can be found here:
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