Monday, January 14, 2013

Wine Cork Projects

I showed you my wine bottle project and now I want to show you what I make and sell using wine corks! I have people give me corks, I will collect a few I use, but I only get about 2-3 a month. I also purchase wine corks.

This is pretty simple. Wine cork key chains! I have so far made them in 2 different styles. Ones with buttons and ones with beads on the ends.

                    I added some colorful buttons to the end of a synthetic cork for added flair.

I also added a washer and eye pic to attach the keyring too.
This is the finished outcome.

The next one is a beaded version. I glued glass beads to eye pins and inserted them with glue on them into the wine corks.

This nect project is wine cork ornaments or window charms. Depends on the person and time of year of how they can be used.
I again used eye pins with glue on them and twisted them into the corks. I then added colorful beaded dangles to the bottom and even added a bead to the top to tie it all in.
Here you can see I added a cool swirled hook. Perfect for hangin on a Christmas tree or hooking onto a suction cup. (which I provide when you purchase these from me)
I am always looking for ways to recycle items and turn them into something unexpected. I also make wine bottle charms and wine glass charms for parties. Anywhere I can add fun and flair, I will! lol.

I hope you enjoyed checking out these wine cork crafts. I have many more in other colors. If you are interested in purchasing them you can find them here in my Etsy shop! Thank you for stopping by.

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