Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wire Jewelry Display Racks

Good morning. I thought I would share my home craft for storing and displaying a lot of my jewelry while it waits to be sold.
My husband and I went to Lowes in the lawn and garden section where all the fencing is. I choose a roll of wire with about 1 inch square hole. This makes it small enough to add a huge variety but the holes are also big enough so that you are not snagging pieces as you remove them.
My husband also used the 8ft pieces of wood he had on hand. They are 1 1/2" wide and 3/4" thick. He cut the wire to my measurements. I also wanted them roughly the same length as my mirror so they would look good all displayed together.

He stapled the wire to the wood. Now you don't want to hang it just like that, even with the wire back facing the wall because then the wire will be flush to the wall and the backs of the earrings won't lay right. So he took more wood. Same dimensions but thinner and laid it over the exposed wire.

I then painted the wood in a teal blue. I also took a bit of pink and went over the wire lightly for a bit of colorful contrast, because I'm a woman and I like

So here it is again all finished. I used S hooks on the rack to hang up bracelets. Bigger ones are good for the bigger bead and multiple strand bracelets. My husband also screwed the racks to the wall. You see the exposed holes now, but I did cover them afterwards with large rhinestones. I also may paint some designs on the wood in the future.

You can also make smaller ones to display personal jewelry and even add a fabric back for a more unique look. They would even be a great gift. The roll of wire was only around $10 so not very expensive to make at all. I am not sure the cost of the wood as we had it on hand. It was a lot of fun to design and make. I really love how it looks in my studio. My next home project I think will be a framed in sheet metal panel to hold and display the various magnets I make.

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