Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekly Oracle Card Reading 7/21 -7/27

Weekly Oracle Card Reading 7/21 -7/27

Hello & Welcome. This week's deck is Soul Coaching by Denise Linn

Monday & Tuesday

Essence - "In my essence, I am joy!" 

Find your essence. The stillness within. Your center. Let go of all that is not important and just be. Let your essence shine. Take time to connect to your spiritual core and live from your center. Don't do anything that doesn't bring you joy or at least find a way to make it more pleasurable. 

 Wednesday & Thursday

Action - "I step into my glorious future with determination and power." 

The time is now! Do no hesitate any longer! Face your fears. Now is the time to step up and go for it! Make decisions now. Stop delaying. 

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 

Radiance - "I am a radiant reflection of God's light."

Your radiance is like a lighthouse beacon. Your radiance attracts opportunities and more to you. When you shine your light outwards, good things are drawn to you. You don't have to make them happen. Even when feeling down, stop and focus and imagine yourself as a bright light shinning outward. The act itself transforms your mindset and sends out a signal that uplifts your state of being. Take a nice shower, listen to calming music, or take a walk in nature all while imagining your light shinning out. These acts will help jump-start your joyous  feelings. Let your light shine!

This week looks to be a week of letting go of things that no longer bring joy to your life. Opening up to your true essence and taking action towards your dreams and facing your fears. The end of the week calls for a nice cool down and just letting your soul shine and blossom. 

Thank you to everyone who stops by and reads this. 

Love & Light, 

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